Rennell Brennan

I am passionate about the outdoors and the potential it holds for us physically mentally and socially all to lead a more healthy active lifestyle.

Whatever you want as a challenge or see as your challenge I enjoy giving folk a helping hand to achieve the best you can be.

I enjoy showing people the beauty are area holds . I love Nordic walking to introduce folk to the outdoors and all the enate benefits it holds its like a free pick me up.
I come from a physically active background and love Nordic walking as it is accessible for all. It keeps you moving and allows you to choice your own active level. It is fab as it adds confidence to people’s walking and allows them to achieve activity and fitness levels to new heights and achieve places they never thought-possible. It allows you to build confidence , be social if you want to and helps your mindfulness.You can build strength and add challenge If you choose.

Nordic walking grounds me and really allows me to engage with nature clients and the outdoors as often my other activities triathlon and mountain biking a hectic. It allows people to be introduced to getting a more physically active lifestyle and moving without feeling like it’s an effort .Poles are extra legs to get you places you would dream to go!